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morning after pill rally

ACTION: Sunday February 15, @1pm Rockefeller Plaza (5th Ave side btn
48th & 49th)

In the tradition of Margaret Sanger, who broke the law to give women
birth control when it was illegal, feminists will gather on February
15th (the day after Valentine's Day) to defy the prescription
requirement and give their friends the Morning-After Pill.

Over 300 women have signed the pledge to give a friend the
morning-after pill on this day, including Kim Gandy, President of
NOW; Patricia Ireland, former President of NOW and Byllye Avery,
founder of the National Black Women's Health Project. With just
three weeks until FDA Commissioner Mark McClellan-a right wing Bush
appointee-decides whether this safe, effective, essential method of
birth control will be sold over-the-counter, women across the
country are joining to pressure the FDA.

Please join us for the passing of the pills and a speak out about
why we need the morning-after pill over-the-counter NOW. Women who
pass the pill will be conducting civil disobedience, but if you come
to watch and support them--you are not breaking the law.

We women will not wait any longer.

For more information contact Cecilia Traini at 917-859-9379 or

NOW, one of the organizers.

At the info table.

Camera man for the WB channel 11.

NOW was one of the organizers of this event.

One of the speakers.


If you can't do it at home, do it AT the protest [with my marker].

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